I have learnt from my own journey and working with 100's of individuals both in coaching and in counselling, that we only get stuck when we try and hoodwink ourselves or try to change for someone else.

The basis of my approach to coaching is working with you to get to the truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth. You see once we get there, you are not just working with your head, you are also working with your heart. Real change happens when your Head & Heart work together, not against each other.

My approach

A good coach pulls you back and makes you look at the whole mountain that you are attempting to climb, he/she then works with your feelings of being overwhelmed.

The coach (me) then breaks your challenges down into steps and these steps are a combination of actions that we call a plan. Without wanting to be cheesy the fact remains, 'every mountain climbed starts with the 1st step.'

Once you're moving and you are on your way to climbing to the top, that's when a coach's job is done and that is simply what I do.

Before you book

So, what makes me different? I can't dress this up I am a qualified psychotherapist. I am 4th Plane soul, which means “I am a seeker and speaker of the truth.”

I have developed this skill from 20+ years working in a corporate setting. I have a well-developed truth detector that I use with kindness and compassion to achieve change for my clients.

I am mindful of writing this cliché that comes from the bible but its best portrayed in the film Liar Liar starring Jim Carey - “the truth will set you free,” and I say this to all my clients because it's so true.

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Single session


  • 50 mins per session
  • No commitment to ongoing sessions
  • Get an outline of your journey and start your process

Pack of 6 sessions

£510.00 (£85 per session)

  • 50 mins per session
  • Weekly sessions at the same time/place until the pack has been completed
  • Re-arrange or cancel appointments with 48 hours notice
Please be aware the above fees do not apply to Executive and Corporate coaching. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and pricing and availability will be provided.
If what you have read so far resonates with you, then we might be a good fit. The best way to find out if we are is to book a chat so we can get to know one another a little more.

Executive Coaching

When I was looking for an Executive coach, it felt like I was going to be put through a funnel and pop out this perfect executive. It felt so contrived for one simple reason, I'm not perfect and I don't want to fit into a process wheel. My challenges were my own and I want to be treated as an individual, and that's what separates me from other corporate coaches.

What I can say from my own personal experience is sometimes our biggest judge and critic is ourselves. We constantly look to measure, compare and out-perform ourselves leaving us feeling empty and somewhat disillusioned. When you work with me, all I ask is that you are willing to really show-up and in return we will not leave any stone un-turned as we walk this path together.

Note, If you're looking for a quick fix, I am probably not the right coach for you as lasting change takes time.

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Counselling & Coaching with

Daniel Sylvester

Counselling can help with

Anxiety & panic attacks
Anger & stress
Attention Deficit Disorder

Coaching can look like

Career progression
Career change
Behaviour changes
Decision making
Interpersonal skills
Goal setting

Corporate & Executive Coaching

For this service please contact me directly with your requirements and please state if this is for an individual or a team/dept.

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I am a Qualified Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist and trained at CCPE in London.

I also work within the code of practice of the UKCP/BACP (professional standard bodies).